If you are more than 30 minutes late for your appointment, the appointment will be CANCELLED and you must make a new appointment!

This meeting may be conducted IN PERSON or ONLINE via Zoom. If you are considering an online Zoom meeting, it is recommended you use a tablet or computer if these are available. The use of a cell phone is fine if that is all that is available to you.

This is an opportunity to learn about the Asylum process and to have your questions answered. You should be prepared to briefly explain why you left your country. You will also need to have papers available to answer some basic questions from the attorney. At the end of the meeting you may be offered the opportunity to become a client. You will know the cost to become a client and any payment plan available. Not everyone may be extended an offer to become a client based on your individual situation. In any event, you will leave with knowledge of what your case entails and a path to move forward, either as a client or on your own. There will be a heavy emphasis not to utilize unauthorized people to help you complete forms for a fee. In many cases, these individuals may actually harm your case and reduce your chances of obtaining your goal.

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Asylum Services LLC is owned by Attorney Donald L. Lader, Jr.

Attorny Lader's current office is in Bath, Maine. He is licensed in New Hampshire and limits his legal work to Immigration Law.

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